Cusco will boost the route that Hiram Bingham followed to reach Machu Picchu

Specialists find stone “stirrups” on an old bridge used by the American explorer in 1911 <! – more ->

The Deconcentrated Directorate of Culture (DDC) of Cusco announced that it will promote the ascent route to Machu Picchu used by the expedition by the American explorer Hiram Bingham to reach the Inca citadel in 1911.

José Bastante Abuhadba, head of the Archaeological Park of Machu Picchu , informed the Andean Agency that “it has been identified lithic lements where ‘Melchor Arteaga’s log bridge’ rested ‘ (farmer who told him about the existence of two Inca sites), through which he crossed Hiram Bingham ”. < / p>

The “stirrups” of the aforementioned route were found in the last explorations and are located about 30 meters from the Ruinas bridge, where the buses that go to the accesses currently cross of the Inca citadel, and tourists who want to do it on foot.

“In many segments it is a modern road, it is part of the road that Bingham took on July 24, 1911 to reach the Machu Picchu ”, Said the head of the Archaeological Park Machu Picchu who also highlighted the importance of the historical data of the area that deserves to be valued.

“The tourists often want to walk and the current route does not provide the safety conditions of the case, in some sections the tourists decide to walk parallel to the bus route, ”he said.

Pretty Abuhadba stated that the idea is to improve this path, to make it a interpretation path with some breaks and the cultural part that is also the scientific discovery.

According to the project, in the lower part of the road an infographic will probably be placed with photos that would detail that scene of that day of July 1911 “many more visitors will want to go along this route, ”he stressed.

Currently, only a minimum percentage of the more than 4,000 tourists a day access Machu Picchu via the pedestrian path from the Ruinas bridge, which is done in about 45 minutes to one hour; with the actions of the Culture Directorate of Cusco, tourism would be increased and decentralized.

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