Minister of Culture: Machu Picchu is from the State and from all Peruvians

The Minister of Culture, Luis Jaime Castillo Butters, reported this afternoon that
la Corte Superior de Justicia del Cusco, declaró infundada la demanda presentada por la familia Abrill, who for years claimed to own Machu Picchu and the land where the Incas built the citadel

In this regard, the Minister of Culture greeted this sentence which had been raised for more than 15 years: “It was a long fight, to prove that the archaeological complex is property of the State and not of private property was very tedious, however today we announce that Machu Picchu is of the State and of all Peruvians ”, said the head of Culture.

He said that like this litigation there were others, which extended for years, as in the case of the Zavaleta family. “These litigations that occurred in Cusco were a sort of Damocles sword for the Peruvian State, but this opinion is blunt and puts an end to any doubt about this citadel considered one of the wonders of the modern world .

It is important to remember that the problem arises in 2003 when Roxana Abrill filed a claim to claim the property against the Peruvian State to return the land, which he argued He had been owned by his relatives. This land is located in southern Cusco

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